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WhatsApp Download has grown explosively in recent years. This does not only apply to Europe, but also to countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The way people get in touch with each other changed a lot due to the arrival of smartphones and tablets. First, we sent lots of SMS messages via the GPRS / 3G Network. Nowadays, we mostly send messages via WhatsApp through internet. 4G and WiFi are herein very important. When people buy a new smartphone these days, the first thing they do is download WhatsApp. Using the WhatsApp Application, you are able to send free WhatsApp messages to all your contacts. These can be easy and simple text messages, but you can also send images, videos, movies, locations, voice memo’s and more. Nowadays, it is even possible to make phone calls via WhatsApp. WhatsApp Download is very easy through this website. We collected all WhatsApp Download and WhatsApp installation instructions for you and published them on this website. It is not longer needed to search yourself. You can directly select your brand or operating system and read step by step how to download, install and verify WhatsApp for your device! Don’t wait any longer, Download WhatsApp today!

How does WhatsApp Download works?

The easiest way to download WhatsApp is often through the Play Store, App Store, App World or Store on your mobile device. Obviously, there are lots of different devices and software. Every device/software has its own way to download WhatsApp Messenger. We explain how to download WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian devices. Each operating system has different methods to download the App. Since WhatsApp is a very reliable application, you can safely search for this App in the App Store, Play Store, App World or Phone Store. You can directly hit the download button, and WhatsApp will directly start downloading and installing on your device. For devices like Samsung and Nokia there are also other kinds of APK files available. However, we recommend tot to install these files. It is not transparant and clear whether you download the official version of WhatsApp or not.

Is WhatsApp free?

Yes, you can completely download WhatsApp for free. The first year, you can use the WhatsApp service completely free of charge. You are not limited in anyway. WhatsApp states that you have to pay a small amount of money after the first year. But it it still unclear when WhatsApp Payment will be introduced. WhatsApp payment means you don’t pay for the download of the App, but you just pay a small annual fee for the use of the service. This is about 1 dollar (€0,75) per year. You can pay this by creditcard, PayPal or iTunes. You can see this as a symbolic contribution the the great service WhatsApp offers. It is a very low amount of money when you compare it with the costs of SMS messages. All telecom providers are therefore not happy with the advent of internet messenger apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Line, Tango, Snapchat, Kick, because they don’t earn much money with these Apps.

Can i download a WhatsApp iPad or WhatsApp PC version?

WhatsApp Messenger is available for both the iPad and the PC. The advantage of these devices is that your battery often lasts longer, you have a large keyboard and you also have access to a larger screen. The disadvantage is that the verification of your mobile phone number often fails. To be more specific, WhatsApp on PC has the disadvantage that a computer has no SIM card in it. Fortunately, we have found different solutions that enable you to download and use WhatsApp on your PC. You can read all these manuals and tutorials on this website. It is important to keep in mind that you can only register 1 phone number for every single WhatsApp account. This means that you can use your phone number on one device at the same time. It is also important to know that WhatsApp Malfunctions occur more frequently on these devices. Starting 2015, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Web. This allows you to synchronize your smartphone with your computer. Subsequently, you can read all your messages from your computer. You can even send messages to your contacts via your PC. It is important that your smartphone is turned on and that you have an active internet connection.

What are the developments in the field of WhatsApp?

There are many developments going on around this app. As you may know, in 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp. This means that we will see a integration between WhatsApp and Facebook in the coming years. Recently, Facebook accounted the introduction of a call feature in its App. Also video calls and the recording of conversations will be possible in the near future. WhatsApp emoji emoticons have recently also been updated. Feel free to browse trough all the WhatsApp news you can read on this website. In this news you read all information about the most recent developments. Finally, we wish you much pleasure in using this wonderful app, and of course good luck with the download of WhatsApp!

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