WhatsApp Advertisments

WhatsApp ads, who did not expect this? It seems that this ads will really come. At this time everyone can use WhatsApp without getting this annoying flashing advertisements and sponsored posts. In a short period time, this is definitely going to change. As you probable have read in one of our newsletters on this site, WhatsApp is going to introduce advertisements in their application. It was no surprise and therefore does not fall from the sky. The WhatsApp service is free for years already and there has no way for them to earn money. Since the takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook, this advertisements developments went faster and faster. It seems that Jan Koum’s vision for making and developing “an application without ads” will completely belong to the past in a couple of months. Mid-2015, it will be far from expectations. Keep an eye on this page for more information about WhatsApp Ads, and how you can remove them if necessary.

WhatsApp Advertising

For advertisers, this is obviously a fantastic development. Advertising in the Application WhatsApp offers a lot of advantages, particularly now that a connection can be made with the Facebook database. Advertisers and advertising agencies can send via this kind of advertisement formats highly targeted ads to WhatsApp users. We expect that this will be not only contain just banner and display ads, but also sponsored content. This means that companies can send you real messages about a wide range of verticals. In this way, they try to sell you something, or starting real conversations with you to talk about their products and services.

Remove WhatsApp Ads

Do you want to remove the advertisements from WhatsApp? At this time it is not yet clear whether this is a possibility, or if it will become one in the future. It is expected that the standard version of WhatsApp will stay free and you pay by clicking on ads from advertisers. This businessmodel has an opposite site off-course. On the other hand users download a special paid version which will remove the ads out of the application. Whether this will also apply to promotional messages and other ad-formats is still questionable. It may be that there will always be processed some kind of advertising and promotional methods in your app that can not be removed. Go back to WhatsApp download.

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