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Are you in possession of an Android device? Use this tutorial to Download WhatsApp Android instantly! Because you are running an Android based phone, it is very likely that WhatsApp is available for your device! Using WhatsApp, you can send unlimited messages, photo’s and video’s for free to all your contacts that also use WhatsApp. In addition to sending messages, you can also make free calls using WhatsApp Android. Millions of people worldwide already use WhatsApp. Don’t wait any longer and download WhatsApp Android for free today! Do you have problems while downloading and installing WhatsApp? No problem. You can directly follow the steps below so you can start using WhatsApp in a few minutes. Current popular Android devices are Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony and some other brands. You can check out each individual brand via the upper menu.

How to download WhatsApp Android?

WhatsApp built a special version of their App for Android Users. Android is a mobile operating system created and developed by Google. More than 50% of all mobile phones run on the Android OS. Therefore it is not surprising that there are a lot of questions about the WhatsApp Android version. Android offers the so-called Google Play Store.whatsapp-android-download This Play Store Application is installed by default on your Android device. The Play Stoer offers you the ability to download Apps directly on your phone. There are both free and paid Android Apps available. Previously, people had to install Apps using special APK files. Below, we provide a short and clear explanation of how to download WhatsApp through the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet. Just follow the steps, it is not that difficult! Before you start make sure you are connected to WifI or a 3G/4G network. Moreover, make sure your battery is charged. For the last step, phone number verification, it is important that you have access to an active SIM card.

Download WhatsApp for Android

Below, we explain in 9 easy, short and clear steps how to download WhatsApp for your Android device.whatsapp-android

1. Start your Phone and navigate to the Play Store App
2. When you have opened the Play Store, select the search icon and enter the name “WhatsApp”
3. You will see a couple of search results. You can select the first search result. You can recognize it by the green icon with the white phone inside.
4. You are forwarded to a windows with all kind of data about the WhatsApp Messenger App for Android. You can see some screenshots, technical data, reviews and some other information.
5. In order to download WhatsApp for Android, all you have to to is click on the blue Download button. Your phone will directly start the download of the Messenger App.
6. Through the notification center you can check the actual status of the WhatsApp Download. You can access this notification center by swiping the bar at the top of your screen downwards. Once the download and installation of WhatsApp is ready, you will receive a notification.
7. You can find the WhatsApp App on your screen. When you open the App the first time it will aks for your phone number. This is important because you can only use WhatsApp with a verified phone number. You can see your phone number as your personal account. You don’t have to deal with usernames and passwords. Enter your country code and phone number and click “next”.
8. You will receive a verification SMS message. Enter the verification code into the App. Your phone number is verified. WhatsApp will now import your phone contacts. You can directly select a contact and send your first message!
9. If something going wrong and does WhatsApp Android not work? Check if there is currently a WhatsApp Malfunction!

Have fun and good luck with your WhatsApp Messenger App. Hopefully our WhatsApp Android explanation helped you. We would like to read your opinion about WhatsApp via a personal review. Select the number of stars you would like to give this app. Return to WhatsApp Download to collect more information about the App. You can also see how your particual device works with WhatsApp. Therefore you can easily select your device brand. You can e.g. choose for WhatsApp Sony or WhatsApp LG.

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