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You know the drill: you buy a new phone and you want to take and transfer your old WhatsApp conversations to your new phone. This often causes problems. And that is very annoying. The idea is that you first make a WhatsApp backup of your conversations on your old phone, before you verify your phone number on your new phone. You only have the ability to transfer a conversation backup once to a new phone. You should ensure that you have enough memory available on your phone to make a backup. Therefore, remove all unnecessary files, music and videos from your old phone if you have too little storage capacity left. The WhatsApp backup take alongside all the text files also the photos, videos, and voice messages that you have send and received. You don’t have to loose any private information when you are going to use WhatsApp on your new phone. You can continue to enjoy all the fun, nice and valuable conversations you’ve had in the past, but now on your brand new phone. Read more about how you should WhatsApp Backup and how verification works below.whatsapp-backup

How can I make a backup WhatsApp?

Backup your conversations via WhatsApp goes quick and is very easy to do via the application itself. You navigate to the settings menu of WhatsApp, and searche for “IM settings”. Within the menu of chat settings you will find some options. One of those options is called “backup”. In the backup menu you can make the WhatsApp Backup by clicking on “Back Up Now”. Your phone will then start immediately with the backup proces and put your WhatsApp data into a special backup file. This file can be read if you have deleted WhatsApp by mistake and WhatsApp requires this file if you want to use the app on another mobile phone with your old data. Alway’s make an backup when you Update WhatsApp.

WhatsApp removed, get your WhatsApp data back

Do you have removed WhatsApp from your phone without making a backup? Or do you have verified your phone number on a new smartphone without making this backup? Unfortunately, there is nothing else to do to solve your problem. You need to make a Backup of your data before you remove the app. Perhaps you have an outdated WhatsApp backup file on your phone? Sometime a phone makes this kind of backup files automatically and store it on your phone. On an Apple iPhone, this can be done via iCloud. If you have an android phone, you can do this by making use of your SD card. Click here to go back to WhatsApp download!

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