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Do you receive unsolicited messages from a particular phone number? Would you like to block a WhatsApp number or a WhatsApp contact? You can do this all wit the WhatsApp App. You can block contacts with all operating systems. So it doesn’t matter if you are an Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry or Symbian user. A WhatsApp Block works for each operating system a little different. Below is a brief description of how a WhatsApp Contact Block works for your operating system.

whatsapp block contactHow do i block a WhatsApp contact?

Block WhatsApp contact for iPhone
If you open a chat with somebody who is not in your address book, you can directly block this person by tapping on the “block” button in the top right corner. You can also block a contact via settings –> account –> privacy –>blocked. Now tap on “add” to black a particular contact. Using this menu you can also undo blocks.

Block WhatsApp contact for Android
You don’t want to receive messages from a particular phone number? Open the “home” screen with the overview of all your chats en then go to Menu –> Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts. Here you can easily block new contacts and you instantly see which people are blocked already. You want to block a person that is not on your address book? Just open the chat and tap the “block” button in the top right corner of your screen.

Block WhatsApp contact for Blackberry
In order to block a WhatsApp contact, you go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy Settings -> blocked contacts. Here you can find an overview with all contacts that are already marked as blocked. Do you want to add a new contact to the blocked list? Just tap the Blackberry button and choose the person you want to block. When an unknown person sends you a message, you can directly block this person in the chat conversation window. To do this, open the chat , tap the Blackberry button and then choose “block”.

Block WhatsApp contact for Windows Phone
Do you want to block an unknown person? Then open the conversation with this stranger. Now tap on the three dots bottom right in your screen. Now you can select the “block” option. It may also be that you want to block some existing contact. In that case, go to settings -> contacts -> blocked contacts.Now select the Plus sign (+) and select de contact you want to block.

Do you want to block WhatsApp contacts on a Symbian device or for example on a Nokia S60 or Nokia S40 device? Blocking contacts for such devices works basically the same as for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. You open the Privacy menu and you select “blocked contacts”. In this menu you can block and unblock your contacts.

What happens if I block someone on WhatsApp?

Below you can find the consequences of a WhatsApp Block:

  • When a blocked contact sends a message to you, it will not be delivered.
  • Your last steen status and online status is not available for contacts who you have blocked
  • Status updates are not visible to contacts that you have blocked
  • When you add a new profile picture, this is not visible for blocked contacts
  • You can’t send messages to blocked contacts. Do you want to send message to a contact that you have blocked? Than you need to unblock this contact. Above you can read how this works.

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