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You know them well! Those cute, funny telling WhatsApp Emoticons. They are also called emoji. More and more people use this cute WhatsApp emoticons in their conversations. Sometimes you with a smiley or other emoticon, that simply say what you mean. For example you can quickly respond to a proposal with a thumbs up, that says that you mean: “fine”. Do you want to use the latest WhatsApp emoticons on your phone? You can do it right now! It is therefore important that you add the emoji keyboard on the keyboard settings of your mobile phone. A perfect way to make you WhatsApp status outstanding!

How do I get WhatsApp emoticons / Emoji on my iPhone?

Do you want to use the latest and greatest WhatsApp emoji emoticons on your iPhone? Open the settings menu and go to General > Keyboard. Now select the option “Add an new keyboard”. Now search for emoji and add it directly to your keyboards. If you are conducting a conversation via WhatsApp, you will see now right below on your keyboard a smiley button. If you start tapping or pressing this button, you can immediately see all available WhatsApp emoticons that you can send to your WhatsApp contacts. You see different themes of emoticons. For example smileys, vehicles and objects. On the basis of these themes, you will easily find the right WhatsApp emoticon! When you press on the little clock left above the screen, you can see the emoji emoticons you have used the last days. Convenient to find and send your commonly used emoticons fast!

I want WhatsApp Emoji emoticons on my Android device, how do I do that?

Android devices running on Kitkat or newer versions of android are able to use WhatsApp emoticons very easy. Emojis are already pre-installed by default. When you open a WhatsApp conversation, and want to start sending an emoticon: tap left on the smiley. You will now see an instant overview of all available emoticons for WhatsApp. If you have an older Android device, you can download a remote Emoji app from the Play Store. The ai.type Emoji Keyboard plugin app is a good example for this App.

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