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WhatsApp for PC is very popular. This is because you can use a keyboard, mouse, big screen, en because you never have problems with your battery. On the Internet, you can read lots of information about WhatsApp for your PC. On this page we explain exactly how to download & install WhatsApp on your PC and we describe the various steps you have to take. Below you can find a very relevant and clear video that explains how to download free WhatsApp for PC. Do you need some additional information about the opportunities, advantages and disadvantages? Feel free to read a bit further on this page.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service on the Internet. This is mainly because you can send free messages, photo’s, video’s and much more for free to all your contacts. Soon, you can even make (free) calls with WhatsApp. The WhatsApp PC version has lots of advantages. You can easily manage all your chats on your computer, you can read easily from a big screen and you can type very quick. The downside is that the installation process is a bit complicated. This is because you can not use a SIM card in your computer. Therefore, the verification of your phone number goes in a different way. The best way to download WhatsApp for PC is using BlueStacks. BlueStacks allows you to use Android Apps on your PC. Below, you can read how this works.

The great advantage of WhatsApp relative to the competition is that it can be installed on many different devices. There are millions of people who use WhatsApp every day. They don’t only use WhatsApp on their mobile phone, but also on their tablet and PC. The WhatsApp PC version has the advantage that you can read and manage all your conversations in one big picture. It gives you much more overview compared to your smartphone. A physic keyboard allows you to type very quick so you can easily have multiple conversations at the same time. Hit the download button below and directly start with the download and installation of WhatsApp for PC via BlueStacks. Would you like to receive more information? Take a loot at the video at the top of this page.
whatsapp for pc

How to Download WhatsApp on your PC?

Please follow the following steps so you can download WhatsApp for PC directly via BlueStacks.
The installation takes about 10 minutes and is not difficult. You should start with the download of BlueStacks App Player on your computer. You need this software to download an app on your PC anyway. Use the download button on this page to download this software immediately. Once you have installed BlueStacks you can use the search bar to search for Apps. In this case, search for “WhatsApp” and click on the install. button. After the installation procedure, the software will aks you to verify your number. It is important that you enter and verify a phone number that is not linked to a WhatsApp account already. It is that easy! Now you can start using Free WhatsApp for PC!

This tutorial only works for Windows PC’s. WhatsApp for PC is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Do you need more information about the download of WhatsApp on other devices? Feel free to browse through this website. Have fun with WhatsApp For PC. Please share your experiences about WhatsApp for PC. Share your experience and opinion below through the comment form.

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