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For many people, it is unclear whether WhatsApp is free or not. WhatsApp has communicated various payment systems in recent years. For example, initially iPhone users had to pay for the Download of WhatsApp and later on they were able to download the App for free. The same applies to Android users. It has never been clear to which extend WhatsApp is free. In 2014, WhatsApp came with a clear policy: All users can download and install WhatsApp for free. This applies for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Symbian devices. After a sort of trial period of one year, each user pays annually a small amount of $ 0.99. This corresponds to approximately € 0.75. Currently, WhatsApp has not started collecting this money. At the moment, WhatsApp extends most subscriptions for free. The main reason therefore is that WhatsApp has not found a suitable payment method to collect the money. For now everyone can enjoy WhatsApp completely for free! Have you paid for the download of WhatsApp before July 17, 2013? Than you are completely free of charge. Now and in the future. You already paid and you can use WhatsApp for free the rest of your life.

Is WhatsApp Free for me?

The short answer is: Yes! WhatsApp is completely free to download, install and verify. As explained above, you only pay at the end of the first year a small annual fee. But how do I know when I have to pay this? And how can I pay this amount to WhatsApp? You can check this as follows: Open the App and go to Settings –> Accounts. Here you can see until when your “subscription” is still running. However, it is still unclear when WhatsApp begins with the collection of money. Probably, you will receive a notification for this. Our advice is: Don’t pay anything as long as you don’t receive a notification of WhatsApp.

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