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One of de major benefits of WhatsApp compared to traditional messaging services like SMS is the WhatsApp Group Chat. Within a WhatsApp Group Chat you have the ability to talk simultaneously with up to 50 people. Ideal for a group of friends, family, school class or colleagues. Thanks to a WhatsApp Group, you don’t need all those separate chats with all your friends. Now you can easily have conversations with multiple people simultaneously. WhatsApp Groups are fun, convenient and efficient.

How do i create a WhatsApp Group Chat?

The creation of a WhatsApp Group Chat works about the same for each operating system. First you open your conversations screen or chat windows. This is basically your WhatsApp Home Screen. Now you choose for the option “new group”. Android and Blackberry users first need to select the menu button to access this option. In the subsequent screen you can directly select a group topic, add participants and complete the new group. The new WhatsApp Group Chat is directly ready to use! Every member will get a notification. If you have created the Group Chat, you are also the group administrator. If you leave the Group Chat then automatically a random other participant will become the new group administrator. In the image below you can see how to create a WhatsApp group for Android.


How do i add a participant to a WhatsApp Group Chat?

As the owner of a WhatsApp group you’ll be able to add new members to the group. This is very simple. You just open the group chat, you scroll down and choose for the option “add member”. Now you have the ability to add contacts from your address book to the WhatsApp Group.

How do i remove a member from a WhatsApp Group chat?

Besides the possibility to add new participants to a WhatsApp group, the administrator also the ability to remove a member from the group. Therefore you tap on the name of the group, scroll to the member list and select the member(s) you want to delete from the WhatsApp Group. Each individual members also has the ability to leave a group by himself.

How do i remove or leave a WhatsApp Group?

Do you want to leave a certain group? Because you receive too many messages, or because the messages are not relevant (anymore)? In that case you have to tap on the Group name and scroll down to the bottom of the windows. There you can find the option “leave group”. After you have confirmed your choice you have left the group. You can no longer send and receive messages within this group.

How do I change a group picture or group name?

Every member of a WhatsApp groups has the ability to change the group picture and group name. You can easily change these by opening the group chat and tapping on the group name at the top of your screen. At the top of your screen you will find the current group name. If you tap on this name you can directly change it. At the left of the current group name you can find de current group picture. Below the picture you can find the text “change”. If you tap on this change button you can directly upload a new photo from your album or from your camera.

How can i avoid that i get group notifications all day long?

Are you a member of multiple WhatsApp Groups? And are you tired of all the message notifications you receive? Then the Mute group notifications could a helpful feature for you. Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users open the group, tap on the menu button and select “mute”. You can mute a group for 8 hours, 1 week or even 1 year. For iPhone users it works slightly different: You tap on the group name an select the option “silent” or “mute”.

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  • 16 August, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Group Chat is for special interest group of friends, there should be more than one topic allow in each groupchat such that groupchat member can skip all and jump to relevant topic. TOPIC feature is needed, but not to confuse with the group name.


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