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WhatsApp offers a useful feature that shows if one of your contacts is currently online or not. Moreover, it can show when someone was online for the latest time. This is called the WhatsApp Last seen function. However, there has also been a lot of criticism towards this feature. People don’t like it that everybody can see when they were “last seen”. Maybe you don’t like it to respond directly to any message, while other people expect that you respond directly because they know you have read the message based on your “last seen” status. The WhatsApp Last seen feature shows the timestamp that somebody closed the WhatsApp App the last time. So if someone closed WhatsApp at 12:34 am, then his or her last seen status will be “12:34”. When you see the status “online”, this means that this person opened WhatsApp and that he or she is connected to the Internet. On this page you can read more information about how to enable and disable this WhatsApp last seen function. In the screenshot below you can see how to disable your last seen status on Android devices.


How do i disable my WhatsApp Last seen status?

You don’t like it that other people can see when you were online for the last time? It is very easy to enable or disable this WhatsApp last seen feature. Moreover, you can configure whether nobody, only your contacts or anyone can see your last seen status. Therefore you go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and select “last seen”. You can also select who can see your profile picture and status in this menu. Moreover, you can manage your blocked contacts here. Do you have any questions or comments about the last seen feature? Feel free to write your comment using the Facebook form below! We really would like to hear your experiences, questions and remarks.

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