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You have probably already noticed it: The LG Optimus S is quite popular and that is exactly the reason why we wrote this post. Do you have a smartphone with internet connection? And are you looking for a free messaging service to send free messages, photos, videos and more? Check out WhatsApp! WhatsApp Download for the LG Optimus S is the best available solution! It is free, convenient and lots of people worldwide already use the App . Perhaps you face problems while downloading and installing WhatsApp for the LG Optimus S. Here you will find a clear download explanation and answers to frequently asked questions.

Since the LG Optimus S runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, you have access to millions of Apps including the Messaging App called WhatsApp Messenger. The phone manufacturer states that this device can be upgraded to no upper versions. The LG Optimus S offers an impressive storage capacity of up to 1GB. For the freaks: you are able to extend this with another 32GB. Therefore you need a memory card. Anyway, there is more than enough space for a proper WhatsApp Download. Moreover, you are able to store any other kind of media that people might send to your phone. Afraid of a slow phone? The phone offers 256MB RAM, so you can easily run more apps at the same time. Still not convinced about WhatsApp for the LG Optimus S? Please read the following arguments why this combination is so great.

The LG Optimus S is available for a while now. The device was launched in December 2010. Just after the introduction, people were very enthusiastic about this device. Mainly because of the 320 x 480 pixels screen and the fabulous 3.15 MP, 2048 x 1536 pixels, autofocus camera. In addition, this phone offers some funny gimmicks like Vibration, MP3, WAV ringtones, MMS, email, push email, IM that are also easy to combine with WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Now for the LG Optimus S

Looking for a direct WhatsApp Download for the LG Optimus S? Click below on the download button. You will directly receive a direct download of WhatsApp Messenger. The most popular free messaging service in the world.


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Actutally, WhatsApp Download for the LG Optimus S is a piece of cake. A you may know, the Play Store of Google is installed by default on your phone. Open the App and search for WhatsApp Messenger. Subsequently, you can select the first search result (with the green icon) and tap the download button. The download and installation of the App will directly start. Make sure you have about 15MB free space on your device. We know from own experience that the WhatsApp Download for the LG Optimus S can be quite difficult. Is the information on this page not clear for you? And do you want to read more about WhatsApp for your OS? That is possible! On the Android page we have tried to answer the most common questions. If you want to know more specs and details of other phone you can read our reviews about WhatsApp LG.

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