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Want to share your location quickly to an contact or WhatsApp group, so they know where you are? Then WhatsApp location sharing is an ideal way to share your current location with them. Sending your current location is available on all devices with a GPS connection. To share your location, you easily select the “paper clip” on Android and Windows Phone devices or the “arrow-up button” on the iPhone. You can find these button in the same menu where you can share a photo, video or contact.

How can I share my location via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Location Share: Once you select “share location” you actually have two options to share your location. You can be very specific in searching for your current location For example within a range of 10 feet. The current location is marked with a blue or green dot. It is also possible to choose one of the proposed sites or events in your area. This option can be found under the card. The advantage is that you immediately can share an recognizable name such as a shop, cafe or office. When you share and send a known / famous location, WhatsApp may sends a special looking link. This link is compiled from data by Foursquare and Google.

I can not share my location, what should I do?

If you can not share your current location, you probably need to change anything on the GPS settings of your phone. Verify that sharing the location of your device or GPS device is on (button need to be green). Also make sure you have WhatsApp specifically given permission to use your current location. When WhatsApp may not see your current location, it is not possible to share your location.

WhatsApp Location permission

You can decide for each application, if they can/may use you location data and control which applications can request for the location details. This also applies to a number of system services. If you go check it out you will probably notice some of Apple’s services are very excited with the retrieval of your location, particularly the ‘Setting Time Zone’ service. Whether that is a problem is further difficult to determine as an app/service simply can retrieve you locational information with such low accuracy by making use of the wifi antenna (and the GPS antenna remains off). Then it does not really cost phone battery energy. Do you want to start using WhatsApp now? Read more about the WhatsApp download proces.

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