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It is hard to imagine a society without the presence of WhatsApp Messenger. In a few months, this App became the most popular messaging App for mobile phones and smartphones. The possibilities of WhatsApp are unprecedented. You are able to send free messages to all your friends and family. The only condition is that they have also installed WhatsApp on their smartphone or tablet.

WhatsApp works stable on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry OS and some Symbian devices. But, how are things arranged for my Nokia 3230? WhatsApp mainly focuses on the new operating systems such as Android and iOS. The Nokia 3230 runs on a quite outdated OS that can be considered as a neglected OS. Before you try anything, first read this post carefully.

The Nokia 3230 was launcehd in February 2004. A period where Android and iOS were not so dominant as they are right now. Times have changed rapidly and Android and iOS have gained considerable ground. The software of this phone is called Symbian OS v7.0s, Series 60 SE UI. This is quite an old operating system that need some adjustments. How do i know for sure if WhatsApp for Nokia 3230 will work or fail? Therefore it is important to get some more technical details on the table.


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When we use this phone, the first stunning feature is the 176 x 208 pixels display. Bright colors, a decent resolution and a accurate touch screen. You can use lots of different Apps on the Nokia 3230. Combined with the 6MB memory, Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook should work stable. But that is only based on the internal memory.

The internal storage can be expanded with an SD card up to 0GB. That way you are sure you will not run out of memory and you do not have to delete photos and other data. With no less than 28MB RAM capacity, you won’t have many lockups and crashes. This device works smooth and quick. Magnificent! That is what we can say about the camera. The 1.23 MP, 1280 x 960 pixels camera does what it should do. You can take the most stunning photos. It is fun to share those pictures with your friends via e.g. WhatsApp Messenger. The analysis of the battery shows impressive results. The Nokia 3230 offers incredible performance. The Li-Ion 760 mAh battery (BL-5B) offers sufficient power that enables you to send messages, take pictures or make phone calls without a fast draining battery! Besides WhatsApp, you are maybe wondering what other features the Nokia 3230 has to offer. What do you think about nice features like Downloadable screensavers, 123 MHz ARM925T cpu, qcif video. A nice list of reasons to use this device!

About WhatsApp Download for the Nokia 3230

Download WhatsApp on a Nokia 3230 is not recommended. We have looked into all the capabilities of this smartphone and listed the reviewed points below. The current phones are much more suitable for downloading WhatsApp than devices that are launched on the market years ago.

Nokia 3230
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Nokia 3230
3.8 (75%) 4 votes