Nokia 702T

Do you want to start using WhatsApp Messenger? You are not the only person. Almost a billion smartphones (and tablets) have installed this amazing messaging App. A quick status update, or do you want to tell something important but you don’t want to call that person? WhatsApp offers the opportunity to communicate everything via their special App for smartphones and tablets!

Do you also install WhatsApp on the Nokia 702T. Just do it because the phone cries out to be used in combination with this app. WhatsApp mainly focuses on the new operating systems such as Android and iOS. The Nokia 702T runs on a quite outdated OS that can be considered as a neglected OS. Before you try anything, first read this post carefully.

Have you ever wondered what year the Nokia 702T is presented on the smartphone market? The answer is: August 2011. Quite a while ago. Yet we see that this device is still not disappeared from the scene. Reliable, that is our first association when we think about the Symbian Anna OS phones. Very energy efficient, cheap and beautiful in design. Yet, nowadays this OS has some problems in terms of compatibility with the most recent Apps. WhatsApp for Nokia 702T, is this an appropriate combination? We look a little further into the specifications to come with a conclusion.


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Indeed, this device is already several years old and this is also reflected in the screen. Yet, the 640 x 480 pixels is reasonably. It is bright and sharp, photos and videos are displayed well. WhatsApp for the Nokia 702T seems to work well in combination with the 8GB internal memory chip. You can store many different media files. You are able to access the data very quick.

Fortunately, most phones have the possibility to use an expandable memory. This also applies to for this device. With a SD card you can expand your memory with at least 32GB. The 256MB RAM is not enough to use the Internet browser while you are also using the photo camera or another Ap. The device has just not enough performance to run multiple Apps at the same time. Magnificent! That is what we can say about the camera. The 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, fixed focus, dual-LED flash camera does what it should do. You can take the most stunning photos. It is fun to share those pictures with your friends via e.g. WhatsApp Messenger. Do you have a long day and did you use the Nokia 702T extensively? You don’t have to worry about too little power because this phone is equipped with a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery (BL-4D). Besides WhatsApp, you are maybe wondering what other features the Nokia 702T has to offer. What do you think about nice features like Stainless steel panels, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic. A nice list of reasons to use this device!

About WhatsApp Download for the Nokia 702T

Well, and then of course the key question: is WhatsApp suitable for the Nokia 702T? We do not believe this, and therefore give a brief explanation in the next section. On this website you will always find the best and latest links to download WhatsApp for the most popular smartphones and software versions.

Nokia 702T
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Nokia 702T
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