Nokia C3

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Even if millions of people already use WhatsApp, this does not mean that every phone is supported. What about the Nokia C3? Nowadays, there are a number of risks for the users of the Nokia C3. Therefore, we explain in this post whether you can download WhatsApp, and whether it is a good idea to download the App or not.

The latest Samsung and iPhone devices can been seen everywere these days. All your friends own them. The Nokia C3 is for that matter quite a bit changed and outdated. This unit was released on the market around June 2010. Android or iOS software are not compatible with this phone. It runs on the quite stable Nokia S40 software that was introduced a few years ago. Now we will furtger zoom in on the features which relate to WhatsApp for Nokia C3.


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The 320 x 240 pixels screen of this device displays all phone calls, text messages, photos and videos in a beautiful way. Therefore, this phone offers a fabulous smartphone experience. WhatsApp for the Nokia C3 seems to work well in combination with the 55MB internal memory chip. You can store many different media files. You are able to access the data very quick.

The internal storage can be expanded with an SD card up to 8GB. That way you are sure you will not run out of memory and you do not have to delete photos and other data. On board of this phone we can find a 64MB RAM chip that ensures sufficient memory. One of the coolest aspects of a smartphone is creating and sharing photos (for example via WhatsApp). This device has a somewhat outdated 2 MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels camera feature. The quality of the photos and videos is disappointing. When we take a closer look at the battery of the Nokia C3 we notice that it takes a lot of time before the Li-Ion 1320 mAh battery (BL-5J) fully charged. If you are an average user and don’t use hundreds of Apps, the battery lasts for at least 1 day. Besides the memory, screen, camera and battery that we mentioned before, with this phone you have also access to great features like Social network integration, downloadable games, call records. If possible, you should definitely try the integration with recent Apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Download WhatsApp for the Nokia C3

Want to learn more about the Nokia C3? Whether you want to know more about using WhatsApp on this device? Read our follow-up study. To get the latest download links for WhatsApp, we refer you to the operating system pages on this website.

Nokia C3
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Nokia C3
2.7 (53.51%) 3221 votes