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Which App are you using for sending messages to your friends? WhatsApp is the most user-friendly and most popular Application. Moreover, it is free to use! WhatsApp offers lots of advantages. First, it offers you the ability to send unlimited free messages to all your contacts. Moreover, the download is completely free and the App doesn’t show any ads!

Ok nice, so you own a Nokia E72? And you want to use the WhatsApp application on it? Please, read this page very carefully. Especially for you as a proud owner of the Nokia E72 we have written this post. We investigated the ability to download and install WhatsApp for this particular device.

Have you ever wondered what year the Nokia E72 is presented on the smartphone market? The answer is: October 2009. Quite a while ago. Yet we see that this device is still not disappeared from the scene. Symbian OS 9.3, Series 60 v3.2 UI is considered as the forerunner of all current operating systems. It was the founder of current smartphones, but today this OS needs some improvement. WhatsApp for Nokia E72 . Do I have to begin with that? Well, a good question. Let’s look at the technical characteristics of this device to conclude some things.


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When we use this phone, the first stunning feature is the 320 x 240 pixels display. Bright colors, a decent resolution and a accurate touch screen. Every phone needs some internal storage. For example for apps like WhatsApp and for any kind of media. The Nokia E72 offers an impressive capacity of 250MB. This is sufficient for the storage of your most important data.

The internal storage can be expanded with an SD card up to 16GB. That way you are sure you will not run out of memory and you do not have to delete photos and other data. Unfortunately, this device offers only a 128MB RAM chip. Therefore, you can experience a real slow phone that crashes a lot. Mak a selfie and share it via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. This is what we do more and more. However, do you want to take high quality pictures? Than this 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash might not fit your needs. Lots of Android and iPhone users complain about a short battery life. Thanks to an amazing Li-Po 1500 mAh battery, users of the Nokia E72 don’t need to bother about a short battery life time. The battery lasts for at least 1 single day. Now we have discussed the main features of this device. But it is also nice to report that this phone has some additional nice options like A-GPS, Nokia Maps 3.0, Nokia VoIP 3.0, mp3 ringtones. These are great to use with external Apps like Instagram or WhatsApp.

Looking for the WhatsApp Download for Nokia E72?

Despite all these features, we give below some reasoning why it is not wise to download WhatsApp on a Nokia E72. Please read this attentively. The Download WhatsApp process goes a lot smoother on Blackberry, Android and iPhone devices.

Nokia E72
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Nokia E72
3.4 (68.48%) 165 votes