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For many people it is rather unclear. Can you download WhatsApp on a Nokia N91 or is that not possible? Look before you leap: an old proverb that applies for users of the Nokia N91. On this page you can read whether your phone is ready for the download and installation of WhatsApp or not.

Have you ever wondered what year the Nokia N91 is presented on the smartphone market? The answer is: February 2005. Quite a while ago. Yet we see that this device is still not disappeared from the scene. This phone has the original Symbian OS v9.1, Series 60 UI 3rd Edition under the hood. Unfortunately, this OS is a bit outdated and needs some updates in order to work with the actual Apps. Of course you want to know if you can download WhatsApp for the Nokia N91. Therefore let’s get some more details of this unit to outline the possibilities. )


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This device stands out due to its clear and relatively large 2.1 inches, 176 x 208 pixels display. It offers a lots of overview. Watching pictures and movies just works fine. WhatsApp should work smooth with the Nokia N91 thanks to the 4 GB or 8 GB internal capacity. However, that is only based on the memory. We should also take the RAM and Operating System into account.

Did you know you can increase the previously mentioned internal memory with 0 GB? That is expanded with an SD-card. This is not always standard included with your phone when you buy it. We are not overly enthusiastic about the 64 MB RAM RAM memory of this smartphone. This device is not really suitable for most recent Apps like WhatsApp, Maps or Facebook. An 2 MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels camera. When you read this specs, it sounds quite nice. But in reality the quality of the photos is not impressive. Making pictures takes a lot of time and the quality is really bad for Apps like Instagram or WhatsApp.A Li-Ion 900 mAh battery (BL-5C), that is the battery of the Nokia N91. When you use this phone intensively for a day, you will notice that you need to charge your phone around 6 pm. This is quite annoying and not ideal. Besides the memory, screen, camera and battery that we mentioned before, with this phone you have also access to great features like Light Blue Chrome, Dark Gray Chrome, Black (Music Edition), Predictive text input, Voice dial, WAP 2.0/xHTML.. If possible, you should definitely try the integration with recent Apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

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Are you satisfied or do you want more information to read? Below we have written a review about WhatsApp for Nokia N91. The current phones are much more suitable for downloading WhatsApp than devices that are launched on the market years ago.

Nokia N91
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Nokia N91
2 (40%) 2 votes