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As you may know, WhatsApp is free to download. However, this has not always been the case. Since the launch of the App, WhatsApp used different payment methods. For example pay for download or pay after a few months. Now, WhatsApp finally made things clear with one transparant payment vision: WhatsApp is free to download for any device. Also the first year is always free of charge. After the first “trial year” you have to pay a fixed annual fee in return for the WhatsApp messaging service. This is an amount of only 1 dollar (€0,75). These new Subscriptions are only valid for new users since July 2013. The new subscriptions apply also to people who were already user before July 2013, but who changed their mobile phone number.
If you use WhatsApp, you won’t see any advertisements. This means that WhatsApp does not make money with in-app advertisements. To keep the messaging service running, they somehow should earn some money. In 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook. That is already a step towards a new business model of the App. Currently, WhatsApp is facing issues regarding the collection of the money. They have not found a proper payment system yet. Insiders expect that shortly everybody has to pay for his WhatsApp subscription. Insiders believe that WhatsApp is closer than ever to a worldwide WhatsApp Payment system. Therefore the company should have good contacts with local agencies and telecom carriers.

When do i have to pay for WhatsApp

In addition to the standard subscriptions, WhatsApp also plans to introduce longterm subscriptions to increase customer loyalty. They do this with long-term subscriptions. This means that you will receive an extra discount if you choose a long-term subscription.

Once the trial period of 1 year is over, you have to pay. The subscription fees for both Android, iPhone and Blackberry will look something like this:

1 year subscription WhatsApp: € 0.89
1 year subscription WhatsApp: € 2,40
1 year subscription WhatsApp: € 3,34

How does the WhatsApp Payment works?

If you were a WhatsApp user before July 17 2013, you don’t have to pay. These earl users receive a free lifetime subscription. Do you want to know if this applies to you? You can check this via Settings –> Account –> Payment details. You can see here the actual status of your WhatsApp subscription. Here you can also check if you have a “lifetime” subscription. If you don’t have a lifetime subscription, you can check here the date when your actual subscription ends. You can also wee that your WhatsApp subscription is linked to your phone number, and not to the phone you are using. iPhone users can pay for WhatsApp via their iTunes account (which is linked to your credit card, iTunes gift card or Click&Buy). Android users can pay by credit card, Google Wallet or PayPal.

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