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WhatsApp is an ideal application for sending and receiving pictures. Via WhatsApp you can quickly and easily send a photo from your photo album to all of your contacts. You can also directly tap the camera icon in a conversation in WhatsApp. This allows you to take picture with your camera and submit it directly to your friends. Photo’s that are send to your will start downloading automatically and you can be saved in your album. You can then send them back to other contacts as you wish to.

Send, store and remove WhatsApp Photos

There is no easier way to send images to another smartphone owner than with WhatsApp. When you send a picture that another might not see, for example of a birthday gift: you can of course then immediately remove that picture. But did you know that the picture then still is located on your phone? If you start a chat conversation in WhatsApp and then press the contact name at the top (left of the photo) then you arrive at the option menu for this conversation. If you now press View all media, you can see all the photos you’ve shared in this conversation with this person. Would you like to avoid this? Throw away the entire conversation, then the images are not saved anymore!

How do I automatically download WhatsApp photos on or off?

Many people get pictures that are sent via WhatsApp on a daily basis. Some people like that WhatsApp download these photos automatically. Other people prefer that all WhatsApp photos are simply placed in their album. Do you want to automatically download WhatsApp pictures or put it off? Go to chat settings (iPhone), call settings (Android), chat settings (Windows Phone) or Media settings (Blackberry). You can then choose whether you want that the images, voice messages and video may be automatically downloaded or not. You can also specify that you want to download WhatsApp pictures automatically only when you are connected to an WiFi netword or even if you use mobile internet 3G/4G.

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