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Do you have questions about WhatsApp Privacy? For example, do you want to know what WhatsApp does or what it can do with your data? And what can you do yourself to protect your privacy? On this page you can read more information about WhatsApp privacy. When you download WhatsApp, a few settings are configured by default. This means that all WhatsApp users are able to see your last seen status, profile picture and your general status. Some people prefer that not everyone can see their last steen status or profile picture. It is very easy to make some changes in your WhatsApp privacy settings. More information about this topic can be found on the WhatsApp Last Seen page. Regarding your last seen, profile picture and general status, you have three options. You can choose that anyone, just your contacts or no one can see this. Do you want to change these privacy settings directly? Then go to Settings –> Account –>Privacy.

whatsapp-privacyWhat does WhatsApp do with my privacy data?

Many people wonder what WhatsApp does with their data and what the company can do with their data in the future. For example, WhatsApp has access to your phone number and your address book. Moreover, an average WhatsApp user sends a lot of messages and photo’s via WhatsApp. What happens to all the data? WhatsApp is very clear: Your Address Book is private, personal information is not sold, and will never be sold. The only reason that WhatsApp needs your phone number is that you can send messages to other users. Your phone number is basically your unique WhatsApp account. The advantage is that you don’t need other login data like usernames and passwords you can lost. Want to know more about WhatsApp privacy? For example, do you want to know what WhatsApp can do with the pictures and messages that you send and receive via the App? Feel free to read this blog. The article clearly described from a legal perspective what WhatsApp can do and what they can’t do with your messages.

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