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Your WhatsApp profile picture is next to your status and profile name one of the options to make your WhatsApp account more “personal”. Changing a WhatsApp profile picture is not complicated and a piece of cake! Below you will read shortly how this works. We also discuss some aspects regarding privacy issues.

How do I change my WhatsApp profile picture?

Do you think it’s time for a new WhatsApp profile picture? Changing your WhatsApp profile picture can you simply and quickly do via Menu > Settings > Profile. You can see directly how your current profile picture look like and you have the ability to change your photo here directly. To do this, you tap the “Edit” button. You can then choose a photo directly from your album/camera roll or shoot a new picture with your camera. Within this menu, you also have the ability to change your WhatsApp name and the status.

Who can see my WhatsApp profile picture?

In many cases, everyone can see your profile picture. That’s the standard pre-installed preference in WhatsApp for every user. Would you prefer to change this? Then you can easily arrange this. Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy. Here you can specify whether all your contacts, or nobody else can see your profile picture. You can also set WhatsApp privacy for you “last seen” status and your current status.

WhatsApp allowed to use photos

WhatsApp Messenger, may use your profile picture and status updates in any way they like to use it. That can be read in terms of use of the application. Who uses the WhatsApp app agrees automatically with this right. You give the popular Messages app the freedom to distribute your status information worldwide and without allowance. The rights are transferable even so everyone can publicly share your profile picture and status updates. The duty-free regions for WhatsApp refers to what it calls the Messages “status submissions”. This includes your profile picture, status that you have used (Available, In school, at work for example) on the second tab in the app and the time you were online (WhatsApp last seen). The information that each user of the App can see is open and a possible target for distribution and promotion activities by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Profile Picture Privacy

By giving your status submissions through WhatsApp, you give WhatsApp worldwide, non-exclusive, free, sub-permissive and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works, display, and perform the status submissions in connection with the WhatsApp service and (subsequent) business, including the promotion without limits and redistribute in any media formats and through any media channels. This sentence can be found on the WhatsApp privacy policy. Simply, we can say that WhatsApp has the rights to use your pictures in any way they want.

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