Samsung E1130B

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? It is one of the most downloaded and installed applications in the world. Lots of consumers already installed the App to stay in touch with friends and family. WhatsApp offers lots of advantages. First, it offers you the ability to send unlimited free messages to all your contacts. Moreover, the download is completely free and the App doesn’t show any ads!

WhatsApp is not downloadable just for all and sundry. Especially, older devices are often not (yet) supported. Read in this post if this also applies for the Samsung E1130B. WhatsApp mainly focuses on the new operating systems such as Android and iOS. The Samsung E1130B runs on a quite outdated OS that can be considered as a neglected OS. Before you try anything, first read this post carefully.

What many people forget is that the Samsung E1130B is already on the market for quite a long time. In fact, this phone was launched somewere around October 2009. Sometimes we all desire to go back to those good old days! This phone has the original Symbian Series 40 under the hood. Unfortunately, this OS is a bit outdated and needs some updates in order to work with the actual Apps. Let’s take a closer look at the technical details. Based on these facts we can argue if the WhatsApp for Samsung E1130B application will work or not.


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The 1.52 inches, 128 x 128 pixels screen of this device displays all phone calls, text messages, photos and videos in a beautiful way. Therefore, this phone offers a fabulous smartphone experience. Just like any other phone, the Samsung E1130B offers a decent internal storage capacity. To be more specific: this device offers 12 MB of internal memory. Sufficient for the download of some Apps, photos, contacts and messages.

There are always people who do not have enough storage by only using the standard internal storage. If you need it you can easily expand the memory of this phone with 2 GB. We are not overly enthusiastic about the 12 MB RAM memory of this smartphone. This device is not really suitable for most recent Apps like WhatsApp, Maps or Facebook. Did you know that this device provides a 0 MP camera? This is useful when you want to take a quick picture that you want to share via Facebook or WhatsApp. The camera works well, however the auto focus needs a lot of time. The analysis of the battery shows impressive results. The Samsung E1130B offers incredible performance. The Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery offers sufficient power that enables you to send messages, take pictures or make phone calls without a fast draining battery! Finally, this device offers a number of useful, funny and practical options like SMS, MMS, Organizer, Predictive text input, Voice memo, Radion, Vibration, MP3.. These features can be especially convenient and useful in combination with Apps like Twitter and WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Download for the Samsung E1130B

WhatsApp for the Samsung E1130B might not be very wise. Knowing why not? Below we will explain why this is the case and what you can do about it. You can also directly Download WhatsApp for other standard and most common operating systems via this website.

Samsung E1130B
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Samsung E1130B
5 (100%) 1 vote