Sony-Ericsson Aspen

WhatsApping, almost everybody is participating this amazing App. Within a short time, this App has become one of the most popular mobile applications in the world. Say goodbye to SMS! With WhatsApp Messenger, you can send free messages to other WhatsApp users. Free? Yes, you heard it right! You can send messages for free because messages are sent over the Internet!

Even if millions of people already use WhatsApp, this does not mean that every phone is supported. What about the Sony-Ericsson Aspen? Especially for you as a proud owner of the Sony-Ericsson Aspen we have written this post. WWe investigated the ability to download and install WhatsApp for this particular device.

The Sony-Ericsson Aspen was launcehd in July 2010. A period where Android and iOS were not so dominant as they are right now. Times have changed rapidly and Android and iOS have gained considerable ground. People aged 20 years and older know them very well: The Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Profession phones. Large buttons and simple menus. That is very characteristic for this device. How do i know for sure if WhatsApp for Sony-Ericsson Aspen will work or fail? Therefore it is important to get some more technical details on the table.


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These days, we use our phone more and more. Sending messages, taking pictures and lots of other activities. Thanks to the 320 x 240 pixels (167 ppi pixel density), this works all fine! WhatsApp for the Sony-Ericsson Aspen seems to work well in combination with the 100MB internal memory chip. You can store many different media files. You are able to access the data very quick.

Fortunately, most phones have the possibility to use an expandable memory. This also applies to for this device. With a SD card you can expand your memory with at least 16GB. The 256MB RAM is not enough to use the Internet browser while you are also using the photo camera or another Ap. The device has just not enough performance to run multiple Apps at the same time. Mak a selfie and share it via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. This is what we do more and more. However, do you want to take high quality pictures? Than this 3.15 MP, 2048 x 1536 pixels might not fit your needs. When we take a closer look at the battery of the Sony-Ericsson Aspen we notice that it takes a lot of time before the Li-Po 1500 mAh battery fully charged. If you are an average user and don’t use hundreds of Apps, the battery lasts for at least 1 day. Features like Qualcomm MSM7227 Snapdragon Chipset, stereo FM radio with RDS support are also nice to be mentioned. These options give this device a little extra power. These features could also be useful when you are using powerful Apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

Looking for the WhatsApp Download for Sony-Ericsson Aspen?

Despite all these features, we give below some reasoning why it is not wise to download WhatsApp on a Sony-Ericsson Aspen. Please read this attentively. You can also directly Download WhatsApp for other standard and most common operating systems via this website.

Sony-Ericsson Aspen
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Sony-Ericsson Aspen
3.5 (70%) 10 votes