Sony Ericsson M600

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? It is one of the most downloaded and installed applications in the world. Lots of consumers already installed the App to stay in touch with friends and family. Sending free messages, photos, videos, emojis or your location? It is all possible with the WhatsApp Messenger App. Nowadays, you can download this App for free. Moreover, the App does not contain annoying ads.

WhatsApp is not downloadable just for all and sundry. Especially, older devices are often not (yet) supported. Read in this post if this also applies for the Sony Ericsson M600. Especially for you as a proud owner of the Sony Ericsson M600 we have written this post. WWe investigated the ability to download and install WhatsApp for this particular device.

What many people forget is that the Sony Ericsson M600 is already on the market for quite a long time. In fact, this phone was launched somehere around February 2006. Sometimes we all desire to go back to those good old days! Who doesn’t remember them: Phones with the Symbian OS v9.1, UIQ 3.0 operating system. The simple structure and clear icons made this operating systems very popular by the end of 2006. WhatsApp for Sony Ericsson M600, is this an appropriate combination? We look a little further into the specifications to come with a conclusion.


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The 2.6 inches, 39 x 53 mm, 240 x 320 pixels screen of this device displays all phone calls, text messages, photos and videos in a beautiful way. Therefore, this phone offers a fabulous smartphone experience. You can use lots of different Apps on the Sony Ericsson M600. Combined with the 80 MB memory, Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook should work stable. But that is only based on the internal memory.

Did you know you can increase the previously mentioned internal memory with 4 GB (64MB included)? That is expanded with an SD-card. This is not always standard included with your phone when you buy it. Unfortunately, this device offers only a 60 MB RAM chip. Therefore, you can experience a real slow phone that crashes a lot. One of the coolest aspects of a smartphone is creating and sharing photos (for example via WhatsApp). This device has a somewhat outdated 0 MP camera feature. The quality of the photos and videos is disappointing. A Li-Po 900 mAh battery (BST-33), that is the battery of the Sony Ericsson M600. When you use this phone intensively for a day, you will notice that you need to charge your phone around 6 pm. This is quite annoying and not ideal. Did you know that this device also provides access to some great including Vibration, Downloadable polyphonic, MP3, AAC ringtones, composer, MIDP 2.0, Sync ML,MP3/AAC/H.263 player.? Just give it a try! You can see that the manufacturer has carefully thought about these options. However, the question remains how well it works in combination with WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Download for the Sony Ericsson M600

Download WhatsApp on a Sony Ericsson M600 is not recommended. We have looked into all the capabilities of this smartphone and listed the reviewed points below. You can also directly Download WhatsApp for other standard and most common operating systems via this website.

Sony Ericsson M600
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Sony Ericsson M600
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