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The status of WhatsApp is something that everyone can see. These are some words that can describe how you are feeling, or what you’re doing. You can also protect your status to anyone, or shield it for everyone except your friends. On this page you can share your WhatsApp status or ideas for a new status. You can also add words and WhatsApp emoticons, to your status. WhatsApp Status ideas can be shared below in the facebook form with other Whatsapp users.

What is a WhatsApp Status?

The status of your WhatsApp is, as we have just indicated, posted and displayed to your WhatsApp profile. People can see your status, and this is why it is so important that you have a good status! Below you’ll find some nice examples that you can use immediately. Read more under this form how the state now has to adapt or hide exactly.

How can I change the status on WhatsApp?

Changing your WhatsApp status varies per mobile phone. For Android, iPhone and Blackberry, there are several steps you must follow to make the changes. The status part of WhatsApp is a real time indication of what you’re currently doing, so you can continual stay up-to-date with your contacts. For Windows Phone and Nokia users it works the same like an android device.

The following instructions show how you can change your WhatsApp status on an iPhone:
– Go to WhatsApp > Status.
– You can choose to create a default state or private status.
– To create a custom status, click on the field under “current status”, then type your status and click Save when you’re done. Your old status will be kept in your status bar.

To set your status on android, do the following:
– Go to WhatsApp > Click on the menu button > Status.
– You can choose from a default status, or create and set your own status.
– To create your own status, tap the pencil icon and then tap OK when you’re done.

To change your status on a blackberry, try the following in the WhatsApp app:
– Open WhatsApp and go to status in the top menu bar.
– You can choose from a standard status or create a personal status.
– To create a personal status, press the BlackBerry button and select “New Status”.

Hide your WhatsApp status?

Hiding your WhatsApp status is something many people want to do. This is separated from the “WhatsApp last seen” problem that many users encounter. You have a few options. You can disable it for everyone, you just remove the status or change it in the standard default version. You can specify that your status can only be seen by your friends, or you can specify that the status if publicly assessable for everyone. So you have your privacy completely under control. Click here to return to Download WhatsApp.

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