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Many problems with applications on mobile phones are caused by older and outdated versions of the software. One solution would be of course very logically: update your apps and smartphone! Yet many users are experiencing problems with this operation, according to research. There are large groups of people who forget to update apps. This is not only unwise because the app no ​​longer works, but it is also dangerous because your data might not be safe anymore. Read more about this fact on the page WhatsApp Privacy. Updating the app is not difficult and is even faster than downloading WhatsApp. You will keep all of your messages, nothing will be removed, and you do not need to verify your phone number.

How can I update WhatsApp?

The update proces of WhatsApp goes the same like downloading the application itself. On some devices, that are running on Android or iPhone software, the updates are automatically done and the updates will install itself. This proces can be set in the settings menu of your smartphone. It could also be that you have set your phone on manual updates. This means that you need to manually locate the updates in the app-store or play-store, and download it. This works the same as for app downloads, however you need to click then on the “update” button instead of “install or download”. On this website you will find more information about how this download and installing proces goes. Click on “download” in the topmenu of our website. If you experience problems when updating your phone or the WhatsApp application? Try to submit your question below. Maybe someone else has a solution.

WhatsApp can not update?

Does your phone update doesn’t work, or are there no updates available? Then there are some things you can try before you remove and reinstall the app. For example: the update does not work because you are not connected to the Internet. Or, your phone does not have enough phone memory to download the update, or not enough battery capacity greater. Problems can also arise after updating the phone. Often these small WhatsApp malfunctions are resolved by an follow-up version of the update. So please wait a few days, and you can download an newer version af the app. Below you can read an list of the most recent versions of WhatsApp for your operating system. Go back to WhatsApp Download.

– IOS: 2:11:11
– Android: 2.11.399
– BlackBerry: 2.11.900
– Windows Phone: 2.11.517
– Symbian: 2.11.609
– Nokia S40 devices: 2:12:49

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