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By the end of 2013, WhatsApp introduced their special voice message feature. This is also called the Voice Messaging feature. Sending a WhatsApp Voice Message has several advantages. If you don’t have the time to type a message, you can easily and quickly send a voice message. Moreover, the risk of a misunderstanding is much smaller when you send a voice message. People will probably understand you way better when you send a voice recording than when you send a regular message. The WhatsApp Voice Message feature is supported by all WhatsApp versions. So both Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian users are able to record and send voice messages using the App.
whatsapp voice message

How do i send a WhatsApp Voice message?

On Android, iPhone, windows Phone and Nokia / Symbian devices, you will see the microphone icon at the bottom of the chat screen. In order to send a voice message, you hold the microphone icon, leave the message and you release the icon. If you want to cancel a voice message, you just swipe to the left. Blackberry users can use the voice feature by pressing on the space bar. If you want to cancel you can tap on the “hang up” button.

How do i know if someone has heard my voice message?

When you send a text message you can see directly if someone has read your message. If you see two blue checkmarks you know that your message has been sent, delivered and is read by the receiver. This works also for voice messages. If you send a voice recording, and your friend has listened to it, the microphone icon will appear blue. In 2014, WhatsApp announced the WhatsApp Call function. This is an important extension of the voice message function, and allows users to make calls using WhatsApp.

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