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In January 2015 it was finally there: the long expected WhatsApp Web version. WhatsApp works for Andorid, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia S60 users. iPhone users have to wait before they can use WhatsApp on their computer. In this post you can read what WhatsApp Web is and how it works.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is basically nothing more than a computer-based extension of the WhatsApp Messenger App. You can use WhatsApp on your smartphone as usual. The only difference is that you can also send and receive messages via your WhatsApp PC version or laptop. Many users perceive this as very convenient. Thanks to a physical keyboard you are able to send your messages very quick. Moreover, using the big bright screen you can read your messages very easy.


Is WhatsApp Web compatible with all computers and browsers?

WhatsApp announced on their blog that the Web version is currently only compatible with the Chrome browser. So it is not possible yet to use WhatsApp Web other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Insiders believe that WhatsApp will soon come with an update that makes WhatsApp Web compatible with all browsers.

Can i remove WhatsApp from my phone and only use the Web version?

No, it is important that you keep WhatsApp on your smartphone. This is because WhatsApp Web synchronizes with the App on your phone. You can only use WhatsApp for Web if your phone is turned on and is connected to the Internet. Only this way, the Web version is able to retrieve messages from your phone. Your phone thus serves as a kind of intermediary.

Unlike other messaging services like Telegram and Skype, WhatsApp does not store its messages on a central server. Once a message has been delivered to someones phone, WhatsApp will directly remove it from its servers. This basically means that the user’s phone is responsible for receiving and sending messages through the web version.

The synchronization between phone and computer works very good. When you receive a message on your phone, it will directly appear in your WhatsApp Web environment. And vice versa it works great as well. If you receive a message on WhatsApp Web, you will see the same message directly on your phone. Therefore, it is not possible that you miss certain messages because you are using WhatsApp on multiple devices.

How do i connect to WhatsApp Web?

The connection with WhatsApp Web goes through the App on your smartphone. Once you open the web version (via web.whatsapp.com) you will see a QR code. The idea is that you scan this QR code with your phone. You can scan the code using the special scanner that you can find on your phone. You can open this by starting your App and navigating to Web ( WhatsApp -> WhatsApp Web). Once you have scanned the QR Code, the Web version will be activated. You will instantly see all your WhatsApp chats, and you can directly start with sending messages from your computer.

It is possible to active WhatsApp Web on multiple devices. This means you can access the Web version on your laptop, desktop computer and work computer. However, it is not possible to use WhatsApp Web at the same time on multiple computers.

I can’t find the WhatsApp Web feature on my phone, what should i do?

If you are an iPhone user, you won’t find the feature because Web is not launched for iPhone yet. For Android users: It may be that the function is not visible yet in your WhatsApp App. You can try do delete the App from your phone and reinstall in using the Google Play Stoer. Once you have downloaded and reinstalled the App, the Web feature will automatically be visible in your App.

Does WhatsApp Web offers the same functions as WhatsApp on my phone?

Although the webversion is quite extensive, you can’t use all regular WhatsApp functions yet. Web users can send messages in existing chats (both individual chats as group chats). Web users can also send foto’s and manage their notifications. It is even possible to create new pictures with your webcam and send them through WhatsApp Web. Sending audio messages, updating your status and sending emoji’s is also possible. For now, it is not possible to create new chats or to make video’s with the Web version.

I haven an iPhone, why can’t i use WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp for Web is currently only available for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia S60. WhatsApp gave an official explanation and their reason is a “limiation of Apple’s platform”. This statement is quite vague. For now it is not clear when iPhone users will have access to WhatsApp for Web. Stay tuned, when Web for iPhone is there we will inform you as soon as possible.

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