Remove WhatsApp: Tips for removing WhatsApp conversation!

Remove your WhatsApp, Does anyone ever think about it anyway? Sometimes you become crazy about that feeling that you are “continuous online”. In addition, the group conversations are the most annoying aspects of WhatsApp, as shown by recent research. Many people would prefer to freeze these conversations. Yet, there is a drastic method available: Remove WhatsApp, or removing the WhatsApp groups. In this post we explain how to do this. Did you have own tips to remove WhatsApp or keep the WhatsApp groep conversations quiet, share them below!

1. WhatsApp remove group discussion: How do you remove a group conversation WhatsApp?
It is also possible to hold a group conversation at the same time with more than one person. When you click on your device options menu => Conference conversation. For iPhone you pull the Chats tab window down and the function will become visible. As is explained in another article you can very easily step out an WhatsApp group conversation. But what if you are constantly added to the groups again? Unfortunately, you cannot block a specific group, but the users. If you block a specific WhatsApp contact, you’ll not see their posts anymore, even not in a group discussion. So are your added by unknown people in a group, bock these people and you are rid of the problem. But how do you remove a group conversation on WhatsApp? To delete a group, go to your list of your chats and select the desired group conversation. Now do not click on it but keep you finger on the tittle pressed. Now you can select “Remove and leave group ‘now you’re out of the group. Since an update in November 2014 you can also see who is typing a message in a group. How do you ensure that you are not getting added to the group discussion? Go to Settings -> Contacts -> Blocked contacts and add the person to do you always add to a group there.

2. remove WhatsApp Account: How do you remove a WhatsApp account?
Do you have a new phone number, or you have quite enough from WhatsApp? Then it is possible to remove WhatsApp on your phone. It is also possible to disconnect your phone from the WhatsApp application. You do this by taking the following steps: Go to Menu -> Settings -> Account Information and click Delete my account. Then enter your phone number (including country code) and click Delete my account. For iPhone this works almost the same but is the option in Settings -> Chat Settings -> Advanced -> Delete My Account.

3. WhatsApp remove conversation: How do I remove a WhatsApp chat conversation?
Sometimes you do not want to keep your phone conversations, but like to delete them. For example, a specific conversation must remain a secret. To remove a chat conversation from your device, follow these steps: Go to the list with your chats / discussions > Press the conversation you want to delete and hold it > Select conversation history > Delete > The chat is now deleted from your list. If you still want to have a backup of the conversation before you delete it, you may like a detailed explanation on how to do this. We provide WhatsApp backup information! Nowadays you can also archive a conversation. Then you just remove it from your chat list. You can do this by clicking not on the “remove” but on the “archive” button.

4. WhatsApp interview via e-mail: How can I send a WhatsApp conversation via email?
It is possible to send chats to yourself. You can save it through a screenshot of the chat and share with someone. But it is also possible to email the entire conversation to someone. Below is a brief guide on how to make a WhatsApp screenshot and how you can send messages by email. You can use your phone to make a screenshot to store such data and send it directly via WhatsApp. You can make a screenshot on your phone in the following way.

– iPhone: Press and hold the home button and simultaneously press the snooze button on top.
– Samsung & LG: Press the home button and the on / off button at the same time
– HTC: Press the down volume button and the on / off button simultaneously.
– Windows Phone: simultaneously press the on / off button and the start button.
– Sony & Motorola: Press the power button long and select “Create screenshot” in the menu.

Besides a screenshot is as stated also possible to send your chat history by email. Go to your chat list and keep the conversation you want to send pressed. A menu appears where you can select “conversation history emailing”. Once you click this you will go to your email client and could send the text in an email.

Remove WhatsApp: Tips for removing WhatsApp conversation!
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Remove WhatsApp: Tips for removing WhatsApp conversation!
4.2 (84.62%) 13 votes