WhatsApp Android Update: New WhatsApp Design for Android!

And yes, it is finally here: the WhatsApp Android Update for material design. Long awaited and now really launched. Completely contemporary, full of new designs and functionalities! WhatsApp is finally provide the Material Design Android Lollipop by their developers. Therefore, the app has gotten a fresher look, with new colors, icons and a slightly different format. The Android app looks finally a lot more modern. The app has little functional changes, but has a new look. This can be seen in the bars at the top and in the text bar at the bottom, which have all a more beautiful finish. However, the biggest change is in the menu to share, for example if you want to send a photo or a location. Those blocks are now bigger and clearer, and round. Or the app will soon be adapted for iOS, is not yet known. Recently, WhatsApp calling is launched yet! Read more about WhatsApp material design.

WhatsApp Update Material design

The update of the app will be gradually rolled out and may not be publicly available for everybody already. The latest version can also be manually downloaded from the website of WhatsApp. The most eye-catching change is the transition from square to round pictures in the list of calls/conversions and contacts. In addition, the beam moves off the top if you scroll down. The green color in the chat window is lighter than before and the top right buttons are smaller. And here, indeed, a round profile picture left above. To make the party complete, the display information about your contact now has a huge picture. Which, moreover, is simply square, rather than rounded. That is very Refreshing. Well, they are not used all the guidelines of the material design, but the first step is encouraging. In the next days WhatsApp will undoubtedly roll-out a lot of updates, so keep an eye on the link below to constantly assured of the latest version.

WhatsApp Update Android Play Store

Material Design was introduced by Google with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. WhatsApp does not take all design proposals. So Google apps today use a large round button at the bottom of the app, for example to create a new mail or appointment. WhatsApp uses those big round button, but continue to use the button in the bar at the top. For now, only the developers only changed the design of WhatsApp. The app has no other new features received from Facebook. However, the app looks now much smoother, more modern and clearer. Furthermore, it is noticeable that the conversion menu is more prominent located in the app. Posts have also got a new look. The update is, as always, free for download. Later today, the update can also be found in the Play Store.
Update install APK through File
If you do not want to wait until the update is finally available in the Play Store, you can also download the latest APK version. APK (the installer) can be downloaded via this link. You stumble upon installation on the message: “For security your phone blocks the installation of apps from unknown sources? Go to: Settings> Security> and set the checkmark from “Unknown sources” to. Read more about WhatsApp Updates.

WhatsApp Android Update: New WhatsApp Design for Android!
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WhatsApp Android Update: New WhatsApp Design for Android!
4.4 (88%) 10 votes