WhatsApp calling available: Download the Update now!

WhatsApp calling available: Download the Update now: It’s time, you can call through WhatsApp. Yes really completely free calls via WhatsApp! In this post we explain how you can activate this function right now: The VoIP functionality of WhatsApp is now for everyone available with the Android version of the app. Until now, the service only worked on invitational basis, a user must be called by someone with the VoIP function to call people themselves. WhatsApp seems to have open ports quietly put to the VoIP functionality. Until now it was a call from another user who already had the functionality activated to use it themselves. When the functionality is open for everybody is unclear, but it is certain that this was last Thursday not the case. Calling with WhatsApp uses less data than Skype and Viber, but the quality is less good compared to those apps. After the SMS bundle, WhatsApp is also chasing carriers on monetizing their calling minutes. Hardly anyone texting more, and we also call already a few years through VoIP services. Chime WhatsApp is such a VoIP service, which so far is only available for a few beta users. But how many MB’s are required for a WhatsApp-talk? And how is the quality in real life situation? In this post we will explain it.

Data usage WhatsApp Call
A conversation of one minute via wifi, 4G or 3G costs a total of 250KB. That means you will consume about 1MB calling during four minutes. This allows you to call 400 minutes with 100MB of your data plan, which exists to have usually 2 GB or more. At this moment I have a data bundle of 6GB and I hardly get over the 4GB of usage. With the other 2GB I could still call 8,000 minutes, if I wanted to. The calling function by WhatsApp uses significantly less MB’s than Skype (1MB per minute) or Viber (700KB per minute). As a simple rule, you can keep: 400 minutes = 100 MB. Read more about WhatsApp Calling.

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Call quality WhatsApp Call
For sure, WhatsApp benefits greatly from a fast Internet connection. The call quality when both parties call via wifi is comparable with a normal call. There is not really i big difference that you can hear. If both parties call via a 4G network, the quality remains the same as that of a conversation via wifi. The voices are heard loud and clear, with no delay’s in speaking. The only problems that we have experienced recent weeks are “delays in connection” and “hear yourself or the other one twice”. The delays occurred occasionally, for example in the train around an area where there was little network connection. Hearing yourself double was significantly a more common problem. A researcher called a at huge train-station with a normal 4G connection to a receiver with a 4G connection, but he heard himself double back. This is possible through the crowds around train-stations. WhatsApp still has developments to make to let their calling function work properly on a normal 3G connection, because even 4G networks are not always fast and stable enough to ensure good call quality.

Activate WhatsApp call for android right now
You can also call with WhatsApp by installing the latest version of the Android app. You can download the APK file and install it on your Android device right now. These day’s, the call function only works on Android. When the functionality will come to iPhone / iOS users is unknown, but according to WhatsApp that will happen very ‘soon’.

WhatsApp calling available: Download the Update now!
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WhatsApp calling available: Download the Update now!
3.9 (77.5%) 16 votes