WhatsApp Calling: The first impression

In the past few days, the first WhatsApp users were able to test the WhatsApp Calling feature. Android users had to download and install a special APK file from the official WhatsApp website. Subsequently, they were able to active the calling function. Therefore,  you had to be balled by someone who already had an activated call feature. A little bit complicated and not accessible to everyone. We have tested the WhatsApp calling feature and we checked various blogs and website for the first experiences.  You can find the results of our small research in this blog!

How much data does it cost to use the WhatsApp Calling feature?

You consume about 1MB for every 4 minutes that you use the calling option. This is quite economical and much more efficient than for example Skype, Facebook Messenger or Viber. A simple calculations shows that if you have a mobile subscription with 1GB data, you can call up to 4000 minutes every month. That is not bad. We expect that in a few years people will no longer use call minutes. They don’t include any call minutes in their mobile subscription. Everything will eventually switch to calling via the Internet. That’s what the experts say. Check also our posts about the costs of WhatsApp Calling for more information!

What about the quality of WhatsApp call feature?

On various blogs, you can read that you need a fast internet connection to use the WhatsApp calling feature. Overall, the quality of the feature is quite good. When both users have a Wifi connection, you can understand each other very well. The quality is about the same as a ‘regular’ phone call via your mobile phone or land line. Even when both users use a 4G connection, the quality is really good. Actually, you don’t realize that you are calling over the internet.

Are there no bugs or disadvantages?

Because WhatsApp just introduced their calling feature, there are of course a few bugs and some teething problems. When you use the calling option you will notice that the connection freezes from time to time. You want to say something, but you hear yourself at the same time speaking. Fortunately, this does not happens very often, but is very annoying when you want to have normal conversation. Such failures are especially applicable when you call over 3G or 4G connection, and when your connection is poor.

So overall, WhatsApp has introduced a very decent call feature. The call option is not integrated by default in the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry App. Currently, only Android users are able to make use of this function. Therefore they need to download and install the newest APK file. Moreover, WhatsApp Calling is only activated when someone has called you. This means WhatsApp uses something like a snowball effect to introduce their call feature. The reason therefore is that WhatsApp can check how the call feature works and what the bugs are. Based on the first reviews and experiences, they can build a stable better version for everyone. It is expected that WhatsApp will launch a stable call feature suitable for any operating system in the coming months. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

WhatsApp Calling: The first impression
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  • 9 August, 2015 at 11:10 pm

    Every time I try using whatsapp call its telling me that my phone call network prevent me from making a call.
    How can i fix this?


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WhatsApp Calling: The first impression
3.8 (76.67%) 6 votes