WhatsApp updates from the previous period

WhatsApp updates from the previous period: There recently has again done a lot to WhatsApp. In this article we summarize the most important issues for you together.

Whatsapp users will no longer annually to charge for the use of its service. The paid subscriptions are abolished. That director Jan Koum announced Monday at the DLD conference in Munich. Whatsapp asked some customers to pay 89 cents per year after a free first year. Many users, however, had been a lifelong free subscription and many other customers were very irregular asked for a payment.

In less than a month WhatsApp will share your data with Facebook
If you already have agreed to the new privacy terms of WhatsApp, then you have less than a month to determine how much information WhatsApp of you may share with Facebook. But it goes to what information exactly? And what can you hold? Sharing data with Facebook, WhatsApp which took over in 2014, can not be stopped completely, anyway. If you continue to use WhatsApp, the app shares from 30 days after you have agreed to the new privacy policy anyway data to Facebook. And you can do anything. For example, apps like Pokemon Go do this.

WhatsApp encrypts all types of communication
WhatsApp chat service encrypts all types of communication from Tuesday in his app. This is done with so-called end-to-end encryption, a form in which only the receiver of a message has the key to decrypt the message.
The end user notices that nothing about: all encryption and decryption is automatic. That was all part of the various mobile platforms in the apps from WhatsApp, but not yet for all communications that go through WhatsApp. That means that not only text messages are now encrypted, even things like audio messages, photos and videos are protected by default from prying eyes.

Pokemon Go big competitor
With the advent of Pokemon Go makes WhatsApp is preparing for a new battle. Should the game have a built-in chat function, then many people will be playing this app. In Pokemon Go is supposed to catch as many pokemons. Download Pokemon Go today.

WhatsApp updates from the previous period
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WhatsApp updates from the previous period
3.1 (62.45%) 294 votes